DIY Raised Bed Garden

This is the DIY Raised Bed Garden that my husband and I built last summer. … [Read More...]

Delightful Dandelions: Part 3–The Flowers

  Flowers--even allergy sufferers can appreciate a beautiful bloom!  Not only do flowers add color and life to our yard and homes, but many varieties of flowers are edible.  Delightful Dandelions  are no exception.  In … [Read More...]

7 Easy-to-Grow Vegetables for Kids

Gardening with your children is so much fun! Kids learn not only where their food comes from but also care taking and patience. Plus, research shows that children are more likely to try a new vegetable if they have grown it … [Read More...]

Farmers’ Market: Frequently Asked Questions

According to the Montana Department of Agriculture, these are the most frequently asked questions about the farmers' market near you: Q: What foods are considered potentially hazardous? A: Potentially hazardous foods … [Read More...]

Farm to Fork: Our Toxic Food System

Do you know where your food comes from? Or what exactly is in your food? Is our conventional food system healthy and clean? Today's conventional food system greatly relies on the use of toxic chemical, synthetic inputs that pose … [Read More...]