Buckwheat Sourdoughnuts

Buckwheat Sourdoughnuts Yield: about a dozen doughnuts, give or take Prep: 5 to 10 (active time) mins Cook: 10 (frying in batches) mins Ready In: 15 mins Ingredients •1 cup proofed sourdough starter •1/2 cup buttermilk (not … [Read More...]

12 Dates for the Foodie

If you are a foodie, or are dating or married to a foodie, try one or all of these twelve dates to keep your romance sizzling! 1. Visit a local farmers’ market. Think farmers’ markets are only a summer and fall excursion? … [Read More...]

LMFAO: Look, Musical Farmers Acting Organically

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Gardening and Its Health Benefits

Gardening is a great way for older adults to meet their recommended daily 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity. Researchers at Kansas State University discovered that among the health benefits of gardening is keeping … [Read More...]

Delightful Dandelions: Part 4 – The Roots

In the spring time, we enjoyed the greens.  All summer we made use of the flowers.  Now that it is autumn and are putting the garden to rest, it is time to harvest the roots. Native to Europe, Asia, and North America, … [Read More...]