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Emily Owenn McIntyre

Anything that is good for your body is good for your skin and hair too. In the same respect, if you wouldn’t eat it then it shouldn’t go on your body because your body absorbs everything into the blood stream through pores. This idea might be a little difficult to get used to, especially if you enjoy make-up and dyes, but the switch is fairly easy. Read more…


About the author:

Emily Owenn McIntyre has been writing since she was about two (sounds cliche…but it’s true). In all honesty her writing started out as fluent, squiggly lines that her parents thought were drawings. When they would ask what she was drawing she would reply “it’s a stowie” and go on to explain precisely what the squiggles said. Emily has been on a journey of self-discovery, relearning how to eat, think, live and be healthy with her soulmate. Her works of fiction can be found on .

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