General Recognized as Safe? How GRAS Additives Make it in Food

How do GRAS , or “generally recognized as safe”, food ingredients make it into our food products?  Watch this eye-opening video by Center For Public Integrity explains just how GRAS works.

Food Safety: Good Food Gone Bad

This infographic provides information on the best food safety ways to store and buy food so that it doesn’t go bad. It also provides information for how to cook food and how to defrost it to avoid contamination. It also provides detailed information for buying and caring for seafood, poultry, eggs, fruits and vegetables. by […]

Planned food safety rules rile organic farmers

Local growers are discovering that proposed FDA regulations would curtail many common techniques, such as using house-made fertilizers and irrigating from creeks. HUSTONTOWN, Pa. — Jim Crawford was rushing to load crates of freshly picked organic tomatoes onto trucks heading for an urban farmers market when he noticed the federal agent. Brought to you by […]