USDA Is Finally Investing in Local, Organic Farming

When the last farm bill was passed in 2008, there were 4,685 farmers markets in the United States. The organic food sector, then in its seventh year with a federal standard backing it, did $20 billion in sales. The term “locavore”—“one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible”—wouldn’t be added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary for another year. Brought […]

Home Gardening Infograph

This infographic displays information about home gardening in the United States and the benefits of having your own home garden. It breaks down the amount of money one could save per year by starting their own garden and shows the common vegetables grown by home gardeners in the United States. Explore more visuals like this […]

Eat Local Foods!

Local foods have a part in driving local economies and are an integral part of the larger food system. Yet, the definition of “local foods” is as confusing as that of “natural foods”. I think of local foods as foods I grow and foods grown in and around my city and state. People who live […]