UF-IFAS study: Some consumers confuse ‘local’ with ‘organic’ food

With more people buying local and organic food, consumers should know the difference between the two so they recognize what they’re buying, but nearly one in five still confuse the terms, a University of Florida researcher says. Brought to you by Yahoo! News. Read the rest of the article here

Home Gardening Infograph

This infographic displays information about home gardening in the United States and the benefits of having your own home garden. It breaks down the amount of money one could save per year by starting their own garden and shows the common vegetables grown by home gardeners in the United States. Explore more visuals like this […]

Eat Local Foods!

Local foods have a part in driving local economies and are an integral part of the larger food system. Yet, the definition of “local foods” is as confusing as that of “natural foods”. I think of local foods as foods I grow and foods grown in and around my city and state. People who live […]

12 Dates for the Foodie

If you are a foodie, or are dating or married to a foodie, try one or all of these twelve dates to keep your romance sizzling! 1. Visit a local farmers’ market. Think farmers’ markets are only a summer and fall excursion? Think again. Many cities also have a winter market. Winter farmers’ markets typically […]