Your favorite organic brand is actually owned by a multinational food company.

Your favorite organic brand is actually owned by a multinational food company.Washington Post (blog) One of the essential questions of the organic movement is, “What foods are worthy of the USDA ‘organic‘ label?” The legal definition of the word is hammered down in semi-annual meetings, one of which was held last week, that involve a […]

Is organic food safer, healthier? Guy in charge of U.S. organics won’t say – Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune Is organic food safer, healthier? Guy in charge of U.S. organics won’t sayChicago Tribune Are consumers right to think that organic food is safer and healthier? It seems like a straightforward question, especially for Miles McEvoy, the chief of the National Organic Program at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s the section of […]

Organic Junk Food 2.0

When I was first learning about organic food production and consumer values in the 1990s, the “organic Twinkie problem” was being hotly debated in both the academic and popular presses. Could a Twinkie really be considered organic even if all of the ingredients were USDA certified? Twinkies are, after all, an iconic symbol of our […]

Should Farmed Seafood Be Labeled ‘USDA Organic’?

You can find signs of the increasing availability of organic food all across the grocery store—from the organic beef at the butcher counter to the organic apples in the produce section. Still, the booming sector, which has climbed from around $20 billion in sales in 2008 to an estimated $35 billion this year, has yet […]

USDA Is Finally Investing in Local, Organic Farming

When the last farm bill was passed in 2008, there were 4,685 farmers markets in the United States. The organic food sector, then in its seventh year with a federal standard backing it, did $20 billion in sales. The term “locavore”—“one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible”—wouldn’t be added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary for another year. Brought […]

Design and Determination: The Backstory of the Iconic ‘Organic’ Label

Food labels are tricky things. They can be essentially meaningless, as in the case of “natural,” or, like the USDA Organic label, they can carry a huge amount of meaning. Brought to you by Yahoo! News. Read the rest of the article here

Organic farm supporters say GMO contamination needs USDA controls

Growing crops free from contamination by genetically modified crops and the pesticides used on those biotech versions is getting more difficult and more costly for U.S. farmers, and new government rules to control contamination are needed, according to report issued on Monday by an environmental organization and an organic food group. Based on information from […]

Organic Farmers Upset Over USDA ‘Power Grab’

Organic farmers and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) appear to be at odds once again. The federal agency’s National Organic Program (NOP) has been accused of engaging in a “power grab” that will allegedly alter the decision making process in the organic food and agriculture industry in a fundamental manner. National Organic Program… […]